Blankforce Kiteboard MK5 130x39,5

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MK5 FREESTYLE FREESTYLE PERFORMANCE Shape configuration: Fast riding board for high jumps / Comfortable in all Terrain Full carbon advanced channel control / Super lightweight The Mk5 kiteboard is build to win competitions. For competition Riders it's pretty important that the board works in all terrain, as each competition is at a different spot. Therefor we focus on new materials and special outline design. The V bottom shape gives fast accelerations to maximize the jump altitude thats offer more time to the riders to full-fill the tricks. The side channels are stretched from tip to tip to increase the upwind performance so your back to the start in less time. The biggest innovation is the new edge design with bevels that allows more comfort even with a stiff Carbon center part of the board. The board is just amazing, it's good for everybody, from medium to high level, you will feel the difference on any session. It's a must for a perfect quiver! There are 2 sizes in the range to suit most riders needs.

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